We have implemented Crypto Tracking solution for any government Commission which requires a data source subscription for blockchain ledger data to support its efforts for to monitor risk, improve compliance, and inform Commission policy with respect to digital assets.

The subscription was defined to include most blockchains including the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Subscription would also support adding new blockchains as they gain prominence in the marketplace.


Pointsville is a gamified rewards and fan engagement for sports teams and sponsors.

The product is designed using web console and mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Web console is used by Administrator for to set up organizations for Sports clubs and add sponsors to a club.

Also, Admin would be able create and distribute promo codes for sponsors and distribute to mobile app fans either through email from sponsor for new fan or sending notifications to existing fans.

This product supports gamified rewards using augmented reality to drive fan engagement and sales from younger audience. Mobile apps are designed with digital wallet to support rewards points using blockchain technology.


Our proposed solution was an IoT driven blockchain-based healthcare supply chain solution for efficient Supply Chain operations. Blockchain technology enables us to have distributed ledgers, and it creates an environment of trust without requiring input from third-party organizations.

The IoT driven blockchain solution has participants like healthcare regulators, hospitals/pharmacies, manufacturers, distributors and patients.

This Solution demonstrates an IoT driven end-to-end blockchain application that connects to Hyperledger Fabric. It implements attribute-based access control, user management, event management, and a Web based front-end UI to interact and query the blockchain ledger. The pattern takes you through ordering, shipping, and enlisting the product for the customer to purchase. The customer who could be a sub retailer or a patient, can trace the order history through the supply chain. Also, an Admin has access to all orders in the system to ensure correct practices are followed.


Patient identification and verification are crucial in the healthcare sector. Digital identities are central to cybersecurity in healthcare to create trust in the healthcare ecosystem where patients and staff will need to access sensitive information, such as prescriptions, laboratory analysis or medical records. Protection of the private data from theft and misuse. Digital IDs are being increasingly used in the healthcare industry to access patients’ medical and treatment histories, and ensure consistent care.

They form reliable means of identifying and authenticating patients, and allow patients to easily transfer their aggregated health records to other healthcare providers, insurance agents, etc. This initial effort at framing the utility of foundational identification for healthcare and providing early lessons and key considerations will help guide future work in this area by practitioners, donors, and researchers. Organisations to provide your customer capabilities, which are used to verify account holder identity, while preserving privacy of people's data and providing them with full control of their personal information.