Software Development Services

ClusterIT Solutions is one among the leading software development company has been providing reliable Outsourcing software development services and solutions to numerous organizations over a wide range of industries from India and USA. We have used our expertise to provide invaluable information, consulting and services to help eliminate IT challenges faced by your business. We enable IT to work in your favour so that you can strengthen your business strategies, explore new opportunities, grow competencies and forge closer ties with more customers.

Offshore Software Development Services/ Solutions

Being an offshore software development company, We typically works in conjunction with client teams to establish the major activities and milestones that will determine project success.

  • Stable, expert team and a customer focus approach
  • Deliver smarter solutions to augment client’s business objectives
  • Provide high quality service helping enhance operational efficiency

Outsourcing Custom Software Development

Custom outsourcing software development at ClusterIT assured that the solutions delivered, meet the global standards of software development.

  • Proactive approach to gathering client requirements
  • Minimize Risk and Maximize Value
  • Affordable and competitively priced solutions
  • Quick response and delivery turn-around-time
  • Passion to deliver quality solutions
  • Personalized service for every customer
  • Continuous development support

Why ClusterIT?

Technology Capabilities

Being completely client driven, we have rich experience across diverse platforms. We have time and again created teams that have exactly fit the requirements of the client, irrespective of ClusterIT’s experience with that skill. This gives our clients a lot of confidence to leverage the best technology environment for the job at hand without worrying about access to resources with appropriate skills.

Engagement Model

Outsourcing is all about partnership, about entrusting your business process. We have well structured engagement models to ensure your trust.

The objective of any engagement model would be to provide a virtual team to you while adjusting the level of commitment, level of control, investment required (both time and money) and the cost savings generated through offshore economics to optimum levels for the business.

Since each organization we partner with has unique requirements, therefore at ClusterIT we follow different engagement models for delivering our services. We follow the engagement models that are based on Fixed Cost and Time & Material quality management. The concept of Hybrid Model helps to evaluate the pros and cons of both.

To minimize the cost of the partner we also work on the concepts of Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) model. You can initiate operations and reach operating stability much faster than perhaps with an in-house effort.

No matter which engagement model you choose, you can be sure of the following:

  • Sound Understanding of your Business Concerns
  • Accurate Assessment of your Needs
  • Complete Identification and Mitigation of Technology, Business and Manpower Risks
  • Precise Definition of your Project
  • Outstanding Execution of your Project

ClusterIT Culture

Life In ClusterIT

Fun. Inclusive. Entrepreneurial. Life is a little different at ClusterIT, and our employees feel the difference; You define your career path. We give you the tools to do it, from training and mentorship to professional development resources and pet project opportunities We work hard, recognize achievements, and celebrate our successes .

Work Environment

We like to think that our workplace doesn’t define us, that we define it and carry it wherever we go- to coffee shops, the terrace or anywhere we chose to work from. Our workplace is not a warzone. It’s a place where we go to meet people we genuinely like, respect and enjoy working with. It’s a place for friends to brainstorm and get things done.

Our Work Culture

At ClusterIT, we shun the herd mentality. We stand out from the crowd because we don’t think conventionally. We’re a bit different. The right kind of different.

What makes us different from other workplaces?

  • We aspire to grow, but not at the cost of quality.
  • Designations outline responsibilities, not authority.
  • We don’t believe in hierarchy. We believe in total freedom. That’s how we innovate.
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